Small Wood Desks with Mobile Pedestal File Cabinets

We have 7 of these small wood and steel desks available currently. They are available with a matching rolling file cabinet or without it. The desks measure 45" long by 25" deep by 29 1/2" tall, and they are a walnut color. They are made by Steelcase, and the file cabinets are also made by Steelcase and are a match to the desks. These are used and have small usage marks and nicks, and a couple of the desks are missing the grommet covers. PLEASE NOTE: The files will stick out about 1 to 2 inches when put under the desks. Four of the desks have no drawers of their own so the files can go on either side, 2 have pencil drawers offset to the side so the file will fit under, and one has the drawer set in such a way that the file won't go underneath, it has to be off to the side. Four of the files have 2 filing drawers, and three of them have 2 small drawers with one filing drawer each. We are selling the desks without the files for $149 each, with a file for $225 each. 

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