Beautiful Wood U-shape Executive Desk

This is a really beautiful vintage wood desk in a U-shape configuration. It has a bowfront, and the body of the desk has the same curve as the desktop, with molding in the front. It has traditional style handles, and a detail line around the entire top. It measures 7 feet along the front of the desk from edge to edge, and 7 feet along the back edge of the credenza, and 9 feet down the side. It has several file drawers and lots of small drawers, and it has storage underneath along the left side as you sit at the desk. It also has a center drawer for the desk, and a pullout shelf over the desk drawers. It is a honey walnut color, and has only very minimal usage marks. There is an area of the top that didn't fade evenly as there was a desk blotter on the desk, but we have the blotter and it can be used on that same spot again. We also have a couple of matching items to the set including a sliding door storage cabinet and a short bookcase. We are selling this desk for $2299.

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