Brushed Steel and Red Vintage Tanker Desk - McDowell - Craig

This is a vintage steel desk that we have newly refinished. It is manufactured by McDowell - Craig, one of the best known makers of these steel desks "back in the day". We have removed the paint on the frame, and the formica from the top. Then the frame and top were polished, sealed, and clear coated. The drawers have been professionally painted (at our shop) a beautiful red. The desk is 30" x 60", and 29" tall, with 3 small drawers on the right side, and one small drawer with a letter size file drawer on the right side. It also has a red pencil drawer, and the standard "tanker style" pullout shelf/trays over both sides of drawers. The feet are slightly extendable for making the desk level on uneven surfaces. We keep these desks in original condition in storage, and can refinish them in any color or combination, or we can refinish your desk. Please call 562 777-2399 for more information or for a quote on any refinishing. We are selling this desk for $1245.

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