Brushed Steel Distressed 2-Drawer Lateral File

This is a 2-drawer lateral file cabinet manufactured by Harpers, a great quality commercial brand that probably made the best lateral files ever. The drawers still work very smoothly on this cabinet. It has the original body, with scratches and dings on the top (2-drawer cabinets are the perfect height for copiers and printers, and always get flaws on the top), that show through the shiny brushed steel finish. This means we stripped the paint, and then applied clearcoat, so you are seeing the steel of the cabinet. This cabinet takes legal size files side-to-side or letter size in 2 rows front-to-back (we have the insert bars for this). We are selling this cabinet with the visible character marks for $359.

Although this item is sold out, there are similar items available for refinishing. Call or e-mail for availability. 

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