Hazardous Material Storage Container.

This is a hazardous Material Storage Container. It is 10' 6" L x 5'6" W x 8'6" H. Thi can be used for storage of the following: flammables, combustibles, corrosives, chemical acids and pesticides. It is FM approved for storage and dispensing 2-hour fire-rated explosion relief panels with vents and is explosion-proof of light. It has removal galvanized steel floor with decking leak-tight containment sump and a minimum capacity of 240 gallons. It can be used to hold down plates, easy relocation and allows double stacking of drums. It can hold up to 11 55 gallon drums or up to 17 if stacked with shelves. This is made out of welded steel construction. This is manufactures by Enviromental Compliance Products and weighs approximately 3158 pounds( 1.579 ton).

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