Executive Size Laminate L-Shape Office Desks with Wood Trim

We have 4 of these matching good condition L-shape desks available.  They are full executive size, with the desks being 36" deep by 72" long, and the returns measuring 24" deep by 48" long.  Two of them have the left-side return (the one shown is one of them), and two have the return on the right side.  They are finished in a mahogany colored laminate, with wood trim along the outside edges on the right and the left.  Each desk and each return has a small drawer and a file drawer.  The first one we pulled out and put down in the showroom wasn't picked as the "best one", they are all in comparable condition from what we saw when we unloaded them... only very small usage marks, most on the outside edges.  We are selling these good condition desks for $429 each.

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