Harpers Off-White 5-drawer 42" Lateral File Cabinets

We have 4 matching of these excellent quality commercial grade lateral file cabinets manufactured by Harpers, considered to have been one of the best brands of lateral files made. These were repainted an off-white at some time, and are 42" wide, 18 1/2" deep, and 60" tall. These cabinets have all drawers available for filing, no storage top drawer. They are all set up for legal size files from side to side, or we can put in the hardware for 3 rows of letter size files from front to back if needed. These cabinets have been bolted together in the past, and have screw holes high on the sides. Also they have small nicks in the paint, and one has a spot several inches long in the top right front corner where it is missing its paint, but other than that larger mark they are overall of good appearance from the front and their drawers work 100%. They each have locks, but we do not have the keys (it is simple and inexpensive to have keys made for this brand at www.easykeys.com). We are selling these cabinets for $259 each.

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