Heavy Duty Parts Cabinets by Russ Bassett

We have 3 of these high quality Russ Bassett parts cabinets which used to be index card cabinets but are now most useful as parts cabinets.  These cabinets have some very stuck drawers, the one that is most visible in these pics had the bottom drawer stuck closed, and needed to be pried open.  I think they haven't been opened in some time, and the rails need thorough lubrication.  As-is we will have a certain sellling price, but if we get to them and make them easier to open ourselves the price will be different.  They aren't locked, as these cabinets do not have locks.  Each cabinet has 12 drawers, and they each measure 25" wide by 28 1/2" deep by 56 1/2" tall.  The drawers are 22 1/2" wide, with separators at 7 1/2" and at 15".  The drawer sides are 3" tall, and the fronts give 3 1/2" clearance.  They are all a putty color, and cosmetically they just have a gang of taped on stickers, tape residue from past stickers, and a few bottom drawers with marker ink that will most likely come off with goof-off.  We are selling these cabinets in this condition for $259 each.

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