4 Black Leather Steelcase Leap V2 chairs in "Like New" Condition (Fully Loaded)

We have 4 of these excellent condition Black Leather Leap V2 chairs in "like new" condition. Please note:  All Leap V2 chairs have all options built-in, unlike some styles of chair that may come with more or less options available. This chair can be completely adjusted to fit the user and provide long hours of comfortable sitting.  There are no rips or flaws or marks in the leather, and the armrests show that there is almost no "mileage" on these chairs.  We are selling them for $599 each.  We have a 5th that is in great shape, just not quite as "new" as the rest, that we are selling for $499.  It has no flaws in the leather, but the armrests have gone smooth rather than retaining the textured feel of the armrest when the chair has had very little to no use.  


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