Matching L-Shape Laminate Desks

We just got in 5 of these laminate desks with an L-shaped configuration. They are a matching batch, and are in a mahogany colored finish. Two sets of drawers come with each setup, one on the desk, and one on the "return". Each set of drawers has a small drawer and a file drawer. The main surfaces are all 1" thick, so these are sturdy, not the easily bending 3/4" surfaces. The desks measure 3' x 6' (full executive size), and the returns are 24" x 48", so once they are set up they are 6' across the front, and 7' down the side. Four of these are left-side returns, and one is right-side. These desks come with grommets for cable management. They are in good cosmetic condition, with less than expected usage marks for age and wear. We are selling them for $329 each. 

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