Mosler 5-drawer Multi-Lock Combination File/Safe

We have 2 good working condition multiple-lock combination file/safes manufactured by Mosler.  They are super-duty, and both have combination locks on each drawer (some models of Moslers have just one drawer that unlocks them all), so different people could use it without opening each others drawers.  We have the existing combinations to these cabinets, which currently is the same combination for all drawers, but you can change the combinations (a little google work and a purchase of an inexpensive key available online).  These are grey steel and they have 5 drawers that are legal size.  They measure 20 1/2" wide by 28" deep (29" with the handles), and 61" tall. One drawer of one cabinet has a small idiosyncrasy to close it, and the other cabinet has an added security feature called a padlock which you secure with a padlock (not included). They have no dents or dings, just some paint scuffs and one has a small patch where the paint was pulled off by some tape, and some tape residue. PLEASE NOTE:  They are each on their own dedicated steel dolly with heavyweight bearing wheels.  These cabinets weigh 668 pounds each. We are selling them for $599 each.

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