Steelcase Mobile Pedestal File Cabinets

We have 8 available of these good condition high quality mobile "chat" style pedestal files available in 2 different shades of grey. They are made by Steelcase, a commercial brand you cannot find at the local office superstore. The tops are fabric with a small cushion, and they are extremely sturdy, so you can sit on them and have a chat. They have a "pull bar" that recesses back into the front of the top, which is simple to pull out and roll the file cabinet behind you. These are letter size, with a small drawer and a file drawer (that has high sides so you don't need an insert file rack) that fits hanging files. Some of these cabinets already have clean tops, but they are easy to wipe down and clean, and all have locks, but just a few have keys (keys for this brand are very simple to get at They are a dark charcoal grey color and some are a lighter grey color, with tan and mixed striped tops (and one or two with solid beige fabric tops). We are selling them for $89 each.

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