McDowell - Craig Vintage Steel Tanker Desk

This is an excellent condition steel tanker desk manufactured by McDowell - Craig. It is 30 x 60, in a light beige color on the steel, with a light cream colored finish on its formica top. It has a center drawer, with 3 small drawers on one side, and a small drawer and file drawer on the other. It has pullout shelves on both sides of the center drawer. This is an iconic desk style which we usually sell refinished, but we sometimes have good condition items like this one come in that we make available in original condition. This desk has very minimal usage marks, and looks "like new" in original condition. This company made these desks briefly, for a couple of years, in the early 2000's, and this is very likely one of those, but with the exact same heavy gauge steel and retro looks as the ones that are much much older. We are selling this desk for $649.

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