Vidmar Heavy Duty Tooling and Parts Cabinets

We have a pair of these newly repainted Vidmar cabinets available. These are the super-duty parts and tools cabinets that are so sturdy that a fully grown man can stand in the drawer with no difficulty. These 2 cabinets have 8 drawers each: bottom drawer face: 11", next 2 drawer faces: 8" each, next 4 drawer faces: 5 3/4" each, top drawer face: 5". One of these 2 cabinets has a quantity of the short drawer separators in it, otherwise they both have some spread out throughout their drawers, but not in every drawer. One cabinet has a large dent on the right rear corner that doesn't affect the cabinet's function in any way. We are selling these 2 for $1199 each.

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