Vintage Steel Tanker Desk in Brushed Steel and Sky Blue

This is a newly refinished single pedestal tanker desk originally manufactured by McDowell-Craig. We have redone this desk at our shop in "brushed steel" on the body and top, with sky blue drawers and pullout tray. This desk is 30" deep by 45" long, and 29" tall. The brushed steel finish is done by removing the paint (not sandblasting or beadblasting as this mars the look), polishing the desk, and sealing and clear coating it, so you are looking at the actual steel of the desk. On the top you can see the small original spot weld marks, and any small marks the desk has accumulated show up as slightly darker spots once it is complete. This is not a flaw in refinishing, but part of the unique quality of these older desks, showing their character spots. The drawers are 100% functional. We are selling this desk for $1442.

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