Vintage Steel Tanker Desks in Retro Green by Allsteel

We have 3 matching of these excellent tanker desks manufactured by Allsteel.  They are a light retro green color, with light green patterned formica tops, and the long pontoon-style base "feet".  Two of these desks have one drawer pattern: a small drawer and a file drawer on each side, and one desk has three small drawers on the left, and a small drawer and a file drawer on the right.  All have center drawers.  They each have the signature Allsteel rubber trim around the top, in dark green.  They are not dented or rusted, and have light usage marks.  We are selling them for $699 each.  We also have 2 tables that match them that are listed separately, and chairs made by Allsteel with the same color steel as their frames, and dark green vinyl on the seat and backrest - also listed separately.

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