Vintage Steel Tanker Guest Chair with Arms in Black and Orange Vinyl

This is a newly reupholstered and refinished chair from the steel furniture era, also known as tanker furniture.  Our company specializes in refinishing all sorts of steel furniture (including for the studios for movies set in the 50's through the 70's), and this chair has had the frame refinished in our "brushed steel" finish where the paint is hand-stripped and the steel is polished, sealed, and clear-coated.  Please Note: the weld marks often come out as looking gold colored on various parts of the frame - also any small dings that remain on the frame look slightly darker than the rest - this is not a flaw in our process, it is all part of the vintage refinishing world. The original fabric on this chair has been replaced with black and orange vinyl - the orange has a pattern to it.  We are selling this beautiful chair for $549.

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