Vintage Steel Tanker Tables by Allsteel in Retro Green

We have some great looking Allsteel tanker furniture that just arrived in our warehouse.  These are 2 stick-leg or "quad-leg" tables with steel frames and formica tops  The bases are in a retro green color, and the formica tops are a very light solid green color.  Both have center drawers, and both have the signature Allsteel rubber trim around the top edge in a dark green color.  They are in great shape, with only minor usage marks and the look fantastic.  We are selling them for $499 each.  We also have 3 desks that are the same color scheme and style with their own listing, and 6 chairs that are in a dark green vinyl with the same color frames and are the same era and style as the desks and tables, also with their own listing.

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