Watson Sit/Stand Standing Desks

We have 4 of these high quality modern sit/stand standing desks available, 1 large and 3 small. The large one is a taupe/grey color with a darker grey frame underneath. It has a bowfront, and a slight indent/corner cut on the seating side. It measures 65" long, and 36" wide in the middle, bowing down to 26" wide at the corner cut edge, and 33" wide at the other edge. It adjusts down to 23" tall, and up to 34" high. This has a hide-away crank, and it is manually adjusting (it is not difficult to crank). It has the cut-in on the left side. It has just small usage marks and one small scratch on the top surface, and it looks good. We are selling this desk for $259.  The smaller desks have a wave shape in the front, with one side being 23 1/2" deep, and the other side being 29 1/2" deep. All are 47 1/2" long. One is a taupe/grey like the larger tables, and the other two are light colored on top, almost off-white.  One of the white ones has a few scratches on the top.  We are selling them for $209 each.

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