Flammables Cabinet in Brushed Steel finish - reduced!

This is an actual heavy duty flammables containment cabinet that we have refinished in brushed steel.  The paint was hand-stripped, and it has a clear coat finish so you are looking at the actual steel exterior.  This one has been nicked in 2 places on the front, which is shown in the pictures.  The "linkage" that the handle engages and disengages is missing from this cabinet, but it shuts firmly and stays shut due to 2 hd springs, one on each door, holding them snugly shut.  This cabinet has just one shelf inside, but we have the clips for them so more could be acquired and would be able to be positioned correctly.  Originally this cabinet was priced around $900, we are selling this one for $499.  We have several others that can be viewed here at our warehouse, or call for pictures and information.

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