Locking Laminate Locker Wall Set

This is an excellent condition set of lockers in a honey oak laminate with black trim and sides. It has 16 openings, the 8 doors on the top are each 16 3/4" wide by 12" high, the bottom ones are also 16 3/4" wide and are 24" high. The overall dimensions are 67" wide by 73 1/2" tall (including the wood framed base), and 15 1/4" deep. The right side has some scratches near the top, otherwise the whole piece has hardly a mark on it. This unit needs to be bracketed to a wall, but it can stand on the wood frame base that is on it now. 15 of the 16 doors have keys, one door is not locked shut, but it has no key. We are selling this excellent looking unit for $499.

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