Lockable McDowell-Craig 5-drawer Legal Size Steel File Cabinets

These are 2 sturdy steel 5-drawer legal size vertical file cabinets manufactured by McDowell - Craig, a quality commercial brand you cannot find at the local office furniture store.  They are a light grey color, and have some usage marks, but all of the drawers work 100% and they will last a long time.  There is a very slight height difference between the 2 cabinets, about 1/4 to 1/2 inch.  These 2 cabinets have "bar locks", which are swivel-latches that run up and down the left front corner of the cabinet that you can secure with a padlock. (padlocks are not included) These cabinets do not have the racks inside for hanging files, you will have to get them from an office supply location.     One cabinet has 2 holes near the front edge on top from something that was bolted to the top. We are selling these 2 for $189 each.

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